Personalized Caricature Gifting for all Occasions !

What is the difference between a caricature gift and a cartoon gift?

For this purpose, a caricature and cartoon are the same thing except the word cartoon is a whole lot easier to spell and pronounce :). 

What kind of photo is required?

Quality photos are more important than quantity.  Bad photos can delay your caricature.  Here are some important guidelines:

  • A clear front facing photo of high resolution.

  • Unobstructed face.

  • Clearly show the shape of the face and definition of the features.  Eye's, eyelids, nose, and mouth definition should be clear

  • Capture the person's typical smile or common expression.  If you want the person drawn smiling, then we will need a photo of the person smiling. 

What kind of photo is required?

We recommend two photos if possible, preferably a front view or the pose you want them in. Smiling is always best and obviously, bigger and clearer photos are better. Avoid small, blurry, or dark photos.  A persons head should be larger than a ten rupees coin.

How do I get photos to you?

You may Send the photos to .  Always include your order number when emailing or sending photos. Digital photos should be sent in a standard format such as jpg, tif, pdf.

How long does it take?

Usually dispatched within 6 - 10 business days . It depends on what you order and the shipping method you choose. In addition, you also impact the timing based on how quickly you get quality pictures to us and how quickly you review and approve the Preview.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction. Our process allows you, the customer, to review and approve your caricature to make sure that it is in accordance with your initial specifications BEFORE we send your gift.  Our artist will work with you until you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED and in the rare case that you are not, we will give you your money back.  Note that additional charges may be necessary depending on the revisions requested.  After your approval and shipment, we guarantee the product to be defect free or we will replace it.