Personalized Caricature Gifting for all Occasions !

Caricme is more than just a novel idea. It's a revolutionary new concept that takes gift-giving to an altogether different level.

A start-up founded in 2012, Caricme combines its clients' desires for a thoughtful, personal gesture with all the best-loved nuances of conventional gift-giving. Caricme's team of designers don't just make gifts, we personalize them. When you gift someone a Caricme piece of art, you can rest assured there isn't and won't ever be another one of its kind.

From table-top showpieces to frames to mementos to wall clocks , wedding invites to employee rewards Caricme infuses everyday objects with its own special brand of creativity and an uncanny three-dimensional sketched likeness of the gift recipient. And because every product is uniquely crafted, to suit the recipient's tastes and personality, Caricme guarantees every product from its range is its own standalone masterpiece.

Fresh off an assembly line that breaks every assembly line stereotype, Caricme's gift designs are modern-day handicrafts, painstakingly crafted manually but using the finest design software to ensure our products are world-class.

Caricme respects client confidentiality and prides itself on word-of-mouth advertising, repeat customers, maintaining stratospheric customer satisfaction ratings and rapid response times. Unlike its mainstream competitors, Caricme isn't bound by the restrictions that define the shapes and forms their gift products can adopt. And unlike their preference for mass orders, we welcome and specialize in singles. You've only got one person in mind, so why should your online gift shop be any different?

At Caricme, we don't just let our imagination run free and take you along for the ride, we put you in charge.

As far as Caricme's limits go, if you can think it, we will Caricme it.